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Comprehensive communication solution from Ojooo
1. Check availability2. Activate Ojooo App application3. Provide your telephone number4. Enter code5. Fill in other data

Ojooo Email advantages
  • Thousands of satisfied clients all over the world
  • Comfortable and easy e-mail service
  • Webmail, IMAP, POP3, SMTP access
  • Antyspam and antivirus security
  • International support
  • Always up- to-date technology
  • Attractive domains addresses
  • Immediate registration
  • Integrated calendar and address book
Ojooo App advantages
  • Free audio and video connection to Ojooo users- HD quality
  • Free chats and group conferences
  • Attachments: short video, audio notes, Picture
  • Location sharing
  • PUSH notification- always get phonecalls and messages even if your application is off
  • Voicemail possibile to be sent to e-mail address
  • Virtual telephone numbers - get telephone number from over 60 countries
  • Phonecalls time plan and attractive rates
  • All about Ojooo App
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